Laduma Analytics Mentorship Programme 2020
Laduma Analytics Mentorship Programme 2020

Laduma Analytics Mentorship Programme 2020

One of the key aims of this mentorship programme is to create an opportunity for aspiring football analysts who may not have the available resources to be able to learn from industry experts and get hands-on experience to add to their CVs. The football analytics industry is continually growing worldwide with significant steps having already been made in Europe and the United States. With the use of video analysis and data analytics some Premier Soccer League (PSL) clubs have already figured out how to analyse team and player performances to their advantage. The media has also followed suit in using this new data-led approach to engage fans through enhanced content creation.

The Mentorship

Football analytics itself is still very much in its infancy in South Africa and thus we are excited to offer one individual the opportunity to be mentored by our leading analytics team. The core part of the programme will be based around using the available statistics and numbers present in the Laduma Analytics dashboard to tell a story to PSL fans. Whether this content is aimed to understand and educate others using numbers,  examine player performances or examining playing styles used by PSL coaches, the content should be mentee led.  

We are looking for an enthusiastic individual who has the drive and enthusiasm to influence local soccer analysis and analytics. This opportunity will allow said individual to develop a different perspective in understanding and reading the game. In addition, while the content should be different, the message communicated should be clear and concise so that an everyday citizen would be able to comprehend the story you are trying to tell.

The content pieces created will feature on our website with a profile page dedicated to the mentee. The mentee should understand that they will not share any property without prior consent from Laduma Analytics.


To be eligible, the individual

  • must be a student at a university in South Africa
  • will need to have access to a laptop
  • must have access to an internet connection
  • should be familiar of the Premier Soccer League, it’s teams and players
  • should have an inquisitive mind
  • should display an appetite to learn on the job.


Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any financial compensation to the selected mentee during this programme. However, the opportunity to learn multiple new skillsets and career opportunities should not be under-estimated in a developing career field.


There is the possibility that we will be able to cover expenses to attend locally based PSL games where an analysis piece is required / requested.


The duration of the programme will be for an initial 6 month period. The hours per week/month, is up for discussion and will be finalised upon mentee selection.

To apply:

Using the Laduma Analytics dashboard and your knowledge of PSL football, we want you to tell us a story about a team/player or create a comparison between two or more players from this season. We are looking for an individual to display their ‘understanding’ in how data is used for analysis. This can be done in a variety of ways and the layout is up to you.

Visuals from our Twitter page may be referenced if your piece requires it.

Word count is limited to 800 words.

You are free to use any of the following links as a source of inspiration:

Please include a paragraph about yourself and what you hope to achieve from this opportunity.

Please email your analysis piece to ‘’ along with the subject line titled: ‘Mentorship Programme – Your Name’.

Deadline: Friday April 10th – 5pm

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